Mop Tin Banjo

This is a little travel banjo I built last year out of a vintage O-Cedar mop tin. It has a 6 1/2″ Mop Tin pot and a 19 1/4″ scale. It’s fretless, and has a cherry neck with a frailing scoop and a zero fret for a nut. Bridge is maple, and the tailpiece is an old fork!

Action is nice and low, and it has 11s on it, which lets you tune it to standard banjo tuning (gDGBD) even with the short scale. The headstock tuners are open gear, but the 5th string tuner is a friction type. This would also sound pretty good with nylguts.

This banjo was sold in July of 2020 to make some space in the shop. Here’s a sound sample:

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