Harmony Stella H6130 guitar front view

1972 Harmony Stella H6130 parlor guitar with case

This is a 1972 Harmony Stella H6130 parlor guitar with the original case. It has a bright, punchy tone and plays easily. It also features an adjustable saddle, so you can tune in whatever action you want.

Upper bout: 9 1/2″
Waist: 8″
Lower bout: 13 1/2″
Scale Length: 24 1/4″

The H6130 was the successor to the long-running Stella H929, which are both 3/4 size birch guitars. The H6130 has a slightly different shape and less faux flame in the finish. This one is stamped with the S-72 date stamp, so we know it was made in the second half of 1972. It also has a “Factory second” stamp, presumably for the apparent crack in the top on the treble side of the fingerboard. The “crack” doesn’t go all the way through. There is also a small defect in the wood similar to the large crack on the bass side, but it’s only about an inch long. Neither affect the playability or sound of the guitar. (In fact, they add to the old guitar’s charm, because otherwise the fit and finish are in such good shape.)

This guitar’s fretboard extension had come detached before I received it, and judging by the finish wear on either side of the fretboard, I think it had some help. (Those are the only two wear spots in the finish. This guitar is in very good cosmetic shape!) I clamped the neck at the correct angle and then glued the fretboard extension. Because Harmony necks often need a reset due to a loosening dovetail joint, I also added a bolt through the inside of the neck block into the dovetail for added strength. I’ve been doing this with all the Harmomny guitars I’ve worked on.

I then leveled and dressed the frets, lubricated the tuners, and strung it up with D’Addario EJ11 light strings. Buffing the guitar out really highlighted how well the finish has survived the past 47 years. This Harmony is more heavily braced than the late 1960s models I’ve played before, and you can feel it in the guitar’s weight and the punchiness of the tone. Action is a hair below 3/32″.

The case showed a lot of wear, and so I repaired the detached hinges and many worn and torn spots with black bookcloth. The case was missing the inside neck pocket when I got it, but after repairs it is sturdy and presentable.

Here’s a sound demo:

The guitar is for sale on Reverb, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

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