Cigar Box mandolin, front view

4-string Cigar Box Mandolin

This is a 4-string cigar box mandolin I built last year. It’s a weird little instrument, with a cherry neck and a laminated cedar cigar box body, and a walnut fretboard. The back is 3/16′ fir plywood, stained to match the body. The body is pretty deep, so the tone is rich.

This has a homemade walnut bridge modeled on the Red Henry bridges, and a fork for a tailpiece. I’ve also added a strap button at tailpiece. It has reclaimed tuners from a scrapped out guitar, with vintage style buttons. It’s strung up with half a set of light mandolin strings.

I’m mostly looking to clear out space in the shop, so it’s time for this to find a new home. Here’s a sound demo, using my phone:

This one sold in just a few minutes to someone who collects GDAE instruments.

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