Montana CL-40 Classical Guitar

This is a Montana by Kaman classical nylon-string guitar. It has a wonderfully rich tone for a student-level classical guitar.

Montana guitar front view on bench

This guitar is likely only a few years old, as it was recently available on Amazon. This guitar is fan braced, and all the braces are tight. The neck is a comfortable C shape, and has side markers but no fretboard markers. The guitar is in pretty good shape, although it has a few knicks here and there, including a few on the heel.

This guitar was missing the G string tuner, which is probably why it was abandoned by its owner. I replaced that tuner with one from a set of tuners from a parts guitar. It has a new set of D’Addario EJ27N nylon strings and it intonates perfectly up and down the neck. Action is about 4mm at the 12th fret.

I also touched up a few knicks on the heel with dye, and buffed the guitar out. The guitar does have a few dips in the lacquer to the treble side of the sound hole, which you should be able to see in the photos.

One of the risks you take buying used, broken guitars is that you never know what you are going to get. This guitar had been owned by a pipe smoker, so it smelled mildly like pipe tobacco when I got it. It’s been airing out for over a month in my shop with a bag of ground coffee and a bag of rice inside, and it smells a lot better. I can’t smell the tobacco any more, but it now smells a little like coffee grounds. Airing it out for a bit should take care of that, or you can tuck a dryer sheet inside.

Here’s a sound demo of the Montana, with my poor playing.

It’s priced at $40. The guitar came with a case in very good shape, which also smelled like pipe smoke. I’ve been washing and airing that out, too, although I can still faintly smell the smoke. If you want to take over cleaning duties, I’ll throw the case in for another $10.

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